Feastivals Field Trip: Spain Vacation Part II – Zaragoza

The second stop in my holiday was the town of Zaragoza or Caesaraugusta as the Romans called it. Oh, those Romans. So original.
2015-09-08 16.24.05 2015-09-08 16.30.05 2015-09-08 16.34.26
Zaragoza is the capital of Aragon and an excellent place to stop on my way to the Basque country. There is a beautiful little old town area surrounding the Basílica del Pilar. I’ve seen a lot of old churches but this one is up near the top of the list as far as size and beauty:

2015-09-08 16.40.31 2015-09-08 16.41.59 2015-09-08 16.42.10 2015-09-08 16.45.50 2015-09-08 16.46.30 2015-09-08 16.49.30 2015-09-08 16.52.08 2015-09-08 17.05.35

I had two excellent meals in Zaragoza and both at the same place: Casa Emilio. This amazing little hole in the wall has been around for seventy years and is run almost entirely by Emilio himself. I went for lunch (sadly without my camera) and it was so good I went back for dinner. I walked right in both times, sat down, and Emilio came right over to greet me. The man spoke no English but I could tell by the menu that there was a rotating list of daily dishes. You got three courses of amazing Aragonese cuisine with wine for 10 euro. These meals were so good that I’ll be thinking about them longer than many of the other pricier sups on my trip. Emilio tried to ask what I wanted and I simply waived at the menu, “Whatever you think Emilio. Bring me what you like.”

2015-09-08 22.18.12
This place has been a popular spot for locals for a looong time. I was told it was even a popular spot for revolutionaries plotting Aragonese independence during the Franco years.
2015-09-08 21.49.07
Mixed smothered vegetables cooked waaaaay down.
2015-09-08 21.56.07
Some cut of pork kind of like a German pork knuckle. It was a rich braised piece of meat on two sides of a blade of bone. On the side are smothered potatoes and onions.
2015-09-08 22.05.27
A butterscotchy caramely pudding topped with a soft almost-melted cookie and accompanied by fresh figs.

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